Monday, January 1, 2018

Canada Geese and Great Blue Herons on the Pond

My chocolate lab and I daily visit a large, shallow pond created decades ago as the central feature of a country club golf course. That establishment has long since gone “bust” and nature has reclaimed the golf course. (Yippee!) The pond remains though choked by algae in the warm months. But when cold weather arrives, the algae goes dormant and the water becomes a reflecting pool of sky. A couple weeks ago, on a sunny December day, it was to a sapphire blue pond that Rosie and I headed, though we were not alone.

Overhead we heard the honking calls of Canada Geese, about two or more dozen, banking for a water landing. Another smaller flock (whether stragglers or a different team entirely) also approached with the same intention. Rosie and I stopped to watch while yet a third group, half a dozen individuals hailing from an entirely separate quadrant of the sky, likewise began their descent. What a show!

Off leash, Rosie could not wait on me to visit with so many noisy newcomers and raced ahead to plunge with the geese into the water. They seemingly took her effrontery in stride, secure perhaps in their multitudes. After dashing up and down within the shoreline, Rosie returned to me and dry land to continue our trek around the pond. What a pleasant time we spent with our attractive and talkative guests upon the glittering water. In fact, we were so engaged that a pair of Great Blue Herons took us totally by surprise. Poised like a double image, they stood in the water, both heads turned in scrutiny of us.  We abruptly stopped, which apparently was their cue to start—and up they hurriedly yet gracefully flew.

When out within the natural world, you’ll no doubt have the good luck to meet and greet her animal citizens. Rosie and I always do.  Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year in 2018!

Always remember to keep birds in your heart!

Georgia Anne

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