Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Big Year . . . or Birders Seeking Birds

Recently I watched a movie about three birders each pursuing his  "Big Year," a phrase in the birding world that refers to a calendar-year effort to see and/or hear as many species of birds possible in a given geographical area, in this case, North America. A highly personal quest, a "Big Year" is also an informal competition among birding enthusiasts the world over to see who can identify the most birds.

I enjoyed the movie. But perhaps that's a given because I, too, am a birder. 

I say this somewhat sheepishly because I've not been a good one for several years. The excuses are many, but I'll spare you a listing. Instead, I'm writing to say that to turn things around I'm beginning my own smaller version of a "Big Year."  I'm beginning now and am targeting a local nature preserve where I walk my dog on weekends--not technically my dog, a family member's dog who I watch on weekends.  Long ago I printed out a bird species list of this preserve, and as spring is the absolute best time to go birding--birding I will go! 

Keep posted to see what birds I add to this list.  As to photographs, I'll take them when possible (I'm not a professional photographer, far, far from it!), but it's not too easy with a dog in tow. More than likely I'll showcase selected species in my post with public domain photos taken by professionals.

Well until next time . . . Keep birds in your heart!

Georgia Anne

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