Monday, October 30, 2023

Red-wing Serenade

Just back from a walk with my dog Henry to the Emmanuel Harmon Farm (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) where we were serenaded by two separate flocks of red-winged blackbirds. As you likely know, blackbirds congregate in the fall to feed together in wet fields and woods and along riparian corridors. And that's exactly where found our flocks today.

A large flock of red-wings were singing and calling from the trees along Willoughby's Run. This is where Henry and Rosie (who could not join us today because of her achy joints) like to take refreshing dips in the water. And this is where Henry and I enjoyed their sunny sounds on this cloudy day. (By the way, here's an image I took of a red-wing some dozen years ago.)

 Red-wings are known for their exuberant song  of conk-la-ree!  It's highly recognizable and joyful with hundreds of birds all whistling, sputtering, and trilling. Wow!

I look forward to their next musical engagement.  

Till then, keep birds in your heart! And check out my chapter book and middle-grade series of fiction that all celebrate birds!

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