Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Amazing Encounter with a Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk

(Image is one taken by me a couple years ago of a Red-tailed Hawk.) 

At around 11:00 am a juvenile red-tailed hawk slammed into my living room window. I rushed out of the house to find it stunned, lying on the ground, with my cat Ursula warily approaching. I scooped up the raptor whose one claw grasped a twig and carried it alongside the deep yard, repeatedly saying to myself, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!  I had never held a raptor, let alone the species of Red-tailed Hawk who is a main character in my trilogy Of the Wing. To be given this experience was humbling, especially since the hawk appeared only to be stunned and not severely injured. His subdued condition lasted about two minutes before he flew from my hands and across the yard into a black locust tree.


As I write this 30 minutes later, I am still overwhelmed and feeling so blessed by the experience. I see it as a message from Spirit. The specific message is of my private concern, but the larger message is one I must share: Look not only to other people for answers to life’s questions but also to Nature and her children, for we are all one community.

Until next time . . . Keep birds in your heart and wonderful things can happen.

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