Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Birds of Pennsylvania: Natural History and Conservation

Pennsylvania birders will love this hardback edition (published in 1983 by the Pennsylvania Game Commission), which by anyone's standards is a collector's items. Each time I peruse its pages, I'm reminded of my good fortune in having obtained this book with its beautiful full-color images of birds as well as the numerous sketches (and some black and white photos).

I especially appreciate the classification of birds (for identification purposes) within six habitats: Waterfowl; Marsh and Water Birds; Birds of Prey; Winter Birds; Birds of Field and Garden; Birds of the Forest. What's more, each group is accompanied by a two-page colored-print (example above) including each species within that group. Each bird is labeled with a number so that you can test your identification skills. 

Beyond the beautiful graphics, Birds of Pennsylvania is an interesting read, covering the natural history of birds and of course instructions on bird identification. Newcomers to birding will fast become enthusiasts with this book as their guide. I LOVE IT.

Until next time, keep birds in your heart!

Georgia Anne

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